A few weeks ago I came out with a blog post about my experiences of abuse in the film/TV industry and many of you graciously reached out in support of my putting voice to this, and I appreciate you for that. I was glad to have said my peace and thought I was done with the issue until a few days later I saw the interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on Oprah. Meghan talked about how she had to leave the institution she was employed at when it became clear that she was not safe and was not…

If you have been following my stories on Instagram you will know that I am deeply devastated by the CBC’s decision to cancel my favorite show “Trickster’ based on the books by Eden Robinson following a scandal concerning the showrunner Michelle Latimer and her status as an indigenous person.

The CBC’s storyline is that Michelle lied to them about her heritage, but now Michelle is suing CBC saying that she was upfront about her mixed heritage and lack of ability to prove it and now CBC is throwing her under the bus after being discovered.

The show was greenlit early on for a second season but now with this new controversy, the show has been canceled. I don’t know exactly what went down at the CBC but the inside scoop is that Michelle Latimer owns the rights to the show, and she will not hand them over to the…

If I were to tell you that there was activity that you could do that was not only fun, but would also bring you into a meditative state, put you in connection with you intuition, provide flow states and develop virtues in you such as patience, discipline, and a kindness for yourself AND would also boost your self esteem and feed your soul, would you believe me?

It sounds too good to be true, but the benefits of having a creative/Artistic practice, are that righteous and there are many more blessings to be bestowed.

If you carry the archetype of…

Learning to Listen to Your Intuition

Last week I spoke on a panel for World Mental Health day and one of the big topics was about ‘the Shadow’ that exists in the human psyche. Carl Jung defined ‘the Shadow’ self as the parts of us that we have banished, or deemed unacceptable.

As human beings, we are subject to the full spectrum of emotions and experiences, however, certain feelings and experiences in our culture are judged as being ‘wrong’ or ‘negative’, for instance, anger.

As a young girl growing up I wasn’t allowed to feel angry because it was ugly…

This week I was catching up on my podcasts and heard Tim Ferris Interview a Harvard Educated Ethnobotanist, and Joe Rogan interview a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Brown University to talk about psychedelics and in both instances, neither of these ‘experts’ could answer the question of what a shaman really is.

Which brings me to why I am writing this article. As an initiated shamanic apprentice, Id like to clear things up!

A lot of people’s first introduction into the world of shamanism has been through the world of psychedelics, and while some shamans do use psychedelics, it is…

Congratulations on Your Psychedelic Trip! The most important part of any Ayahuasca or magic mushroom trip is what comes after the ceremony.

Psyche comes from the Greek word for ‘Soul’ and ‘Delos’ which means ‘Clearing’.

Plant Medicine has been used since the dawn of man to Wipe our Souls Clean so we can Finally see through them into the contents of Spirit!

For some of you, this might be an initiation into your spiritual life, and that can be really frightening and new!

I totally Get it!

Thats why Im here writing this guide that I WISH I had when…

I was shown the movie ‘The Exorcist’ when I was much too young and it terrified me so thoroughly and for so long that when I was 10 years old and a friend pulled a Ouiji board out of her cupboard, I screamed at the top of my lungs and ran out of her house (forgetting my shoes) and all the way back home, up into my room, and falling immediately onto my knees to pray to Jesus to wash me clean of any evil cooties that the Ouiji board might have gotten on me.

When I told my mother…

In 2014 I married a man who would call me the n-word regularly as a ‘joke’ because according to him, words only had the meaning you gave them and I needed to be ‘de-conditioned’ to the word.

This man was white, and I am bi-racial with a black South African father and a white German mother, and at the time I let him call me the n-word because I really did see myself as an n-word, as a worthless piece of human flesh.

I had been living with the idea that my life was worth nothing for as long as…

Dayle Mcleod

🐍Shamanic Artist/Healer 🕊 I heal people through Art 💡I Teach BIPOC Artists & Inventors how to Work with Genius. www.DayleMcLeod.com

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